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Clary UPS Systems

  • Power Protection for Traffic and ITS Applications

Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety

  • School Zones
  • RRFBs
  • In-Road Systems
  • Hawk Crossing Systems
  • Bike Lane Systems

Driver Information Systems

  • Driver Speed Feedback Signs
  • Lane Guidance and Curve Warning
  • Wrong Way Alert
  • Light Rail Crossing

Driver Warning Systems

  • Flashing Beacons
  • Curve Warning
  • Wrong Way
  • Lane Guidance
  • Rail Road Xing

EtherWAN Switches

  • Communications for ITS

LED Signs

  • LED Blank Out Signs
  • Lane Control Signs

Solar LED Lighting

  • Street Lights
  • Parking Lot
  • Pathway
  • Park

Intuicom Wireless

  • Wireless Broadband Communications

Data Collection & Time and Travel

  • Radar Data Collection
  • Blue Tooth Travel Time


  • LYT Emergency - Cloud Based
    Emergency Vehicle Pre-Emption
  • LYT Transit - Cloud Based
    Transit Signal Priority

Dynamic Message Signs

  • Dynamic Message Signs
  • Lane Control Signs